I raised a child as my own for five years and then found out that it was not mine. I did not care and even though the mom tried to cut me out, Mr. Manson was able to get me my rights. I talked to a few lawyers, but picked Mr. Manson since he had been a lawyer for a long time and just seemed to understand just what I was going through. He was unbelievable in court and really knew what was going on.
Posted by Chris, a Family client, over 1 year ago.

I had a very difficult case and my first lawyer had totally messed up an order for protection matter. Mr. Manson stepped in after I was on supervised visits with my children and turned it around. I ended up with custody of my children. He made all the right decisions at the right time. I followed his advice and ended up not having to pay alimony after 22 years of marriage with a wife that did not work. My ex was unbelievably bad, but had the county on her side, but I had Mr. Manson and he won.
Posted by Joe, a Divorce client, over 1 year ago.

Mr. Manson clearly told me what to expect and guided me through a difficult case. I was able to get custody of my son. As a father, I was surprised, but Mr. Manson was ready at every turn and really great in court.
Posted by a Family client, over 1 year ago.

Robert guided us through the custody process in a straight forward manner and got us every-thing that we asked for. He has a very easygoing appearance at first – but is a pit bull when it goes to court. He is the best guy to have on your side in the courtroom.
Posted by Michael, a Child Custody client, almost 3 years ago.