Divorce, custody, and other family law matters are difficult and confusing.  You need experienced, talented, and compassionate representation to guide you.  When you retain our firm, you can feel confident that our 20+ years of experience in family law will be there with you every step of the way.


Having over 23 years of experience and only practicing in family law allows us to obtain the best possible results for our clients, whether it is through settlement or litigation in court. Mr. Manson is a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice and is trained in conducting social early neutral evaluations. This, coupled with extensive litigation experience, provides him the insight to quickly evaluate and determine the best way to proceed with your family law matter. Whether at your side in negotiations, or in court, you can be assured that you have the best representation available.

Mr. Manson is experienced in all areas of Minnesota family law, including divorce, child support, child custody, third party custody, grandparent's rights, spousal maintenance (alimony), property division, paternity, adoption, domestic abuse, and parenting matters, as well as appeals and cases involving interstate custody and support. Other services include mediation, parenting consultation, and parenting time expeditor.

If you are in a situation where you may be handling a matter on your own, Mr. Manson offers unbundled services. This is a service where you pay as you go for assistance in drafting documents and obtaining advice as you handle a case yourself.

Regardless of your needs, we can provide the guidance to get you where you need to be.

Our Clients Say:

I raised a child as my own for five years and then found out that it was not mine. I did not care and even though the mom tried to cut me out, Mr. Manson was able to get me my rights. I talked to a few lawyers, but picked Mr. Manson since he had been a lawyer for a long time and just seemed to understand just what I was going through. He was unbelievable in court and really knew what was going on.
Posted by Chris, a Family client, over 1 year ago.

I had a very difficult case and my first lawyer had totally messed up an order for protection matter. Mr. Manson stepped in after I was on supervised visits with my children and turned it around. I ended up with custody of my children. He made all the right decisions at the right time. I followed his advice and ended up not having to pay alimony after 22 years of marriage with a wife that did not work. My ex was unbelievably bad, but had the county on her side, but I had Mr. Manson and he won.
Posted by Joe, a Divorce client, over 1 year ago.

Mr. Manson clearly told me what to expect and guided me through a difficult case. I was able to get custody of my son. As a father, I was surprised, but Mr. Manson was ready at every turn and really great in court.
Posted by a Family client, over 1 year ago.

Robert guided us through the custody process in a straight forward manner and got us every-thing that we asked for. He has a very easygoing appearance at first - but is a pit bull when it goes to court. He is the best guy to have on your side in the courtroom.
Posted by Michael, a Child Custody client, almost 3 years ago.